The Winners in the Best Swatches competition!

It was a really hard job to pick the winners in the Best Swatches Competition! From 102 great pictures there are several that we like and lots that could be winners! Some of you sent lots of good photos but we decided to choose one winning picture from each competitor first to make it more easy to decide. Actually it was so hard to find the winners that we had to pick six winners insted of five…!  So here are the six lucky ladies..

Big Congratulations to all the winners! 

1st Prize goes to Gini Kelly from Illinois, USA! 


Gini sent 6 outstanding photos and we liked them all! The winning photo shows ”Elle La Vend Aire” from Nail Pattern Boldness. The photo really shows the natural color of the great polish and the beautiful nails have a fantastic shine! The photo is so skarp that you feel like you could touch the nails right through the picture!

2nd Prize goes to Martina Karlsson from Onsala, Sweden! 


Martina sent 2 photos and we had a hard time to choose which one was the best. This is two layers of ”Ophelia” from Cirque over one layer of ”Camelot” from A England. We really like the mix and the nails are beautifully shaped! Also a perfect sharp photo!

3rd Prize goes to Christina Persson from Lund, Sweden! 


Christina sent 2 nice photos and this one showing ”Date at Midnight With Nosferatu” from Nostalgic Lacquer is so beautiful! The flowers matches the nail polish perfect and we really like the composition of the photo!

4th Prize goes to Emma Lysén from Leksand, Sweden!


Emma sent 6 good photos and we had a really hard time to pick the winning one… This is the beautiful ”Planet Caravan” from Cirque and we think the picture is just so perfect! Sharp, thick and glossy nail polish and a really nice shape of the nails.

5th Prize goes to Elin Nilsson from Årsta, Sweden!


Elin sent lots of good photos of different great colors and even here we had a hard time picking the winning one. This is ”Electric Sex” from Darling Diva Polish, which is one of the most popular lacquers at Edgy Polish. I think it´s actually the one that was finished first of all… (and soon it´ll be restocked). We think this photo is nice because of the depth which shows the nails sharp and the bottle blurry. It fits this mysterious polish! The picture shows one layer of Electric Sex over another black polish.

And the last, 6th Prize, goes to Camilla Rotander from Enköping, Sweden!


Camilla sent most pictures of all, no less than 23 in total! Fantastic! The pictures shows 4 different lacquers in lots of angles and many of them are really great! We fell especially for this, which shows ”Sleigh Ride” from Smitten Polish! Nice painted, nice nails and a great red shimmery color. Camilla wins a crystal glass nail file!

Swatch photos in the shop?

Now, we´ve got loads of great photos! And if it´s ok with you all, I would really like to use some of them at the product pages in the shop . Of course, I will write the photographer´s name in the text that describes the lacquer. If any of you think this is not ok, please send me an email. Otherwise, you can look forward to see some of your photos in the shop very soon!

A big thank you to all competitors! I wish you a great Weekend!  


12 thoughts on “The Winners in the Best Swatches competition!

  1. Camilla

    Great photos girls!

    Thank you so much for the honor of the 6:th prize! And thank you for the challenge, this was very fun! I had a great time doing this.

    I’m sorry for being lazy and spam you with photos … that’s actually a lot like me, you should hear the computer department at work always reminding me of taking a lot of Giga-bytes storage with my reactor dynamics calculations …


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