More great swatch photos from the competition

As I said, I got lots of great swatch photos for the contest! And to pick the winners was not easy… Therefore I would like to show you some more photos of what we got. Hopefully, you will also find these pictures in the shop!

Four more photos from Gini Kelly, winner of the 1st price! 


From the top and left: Rainbow Honey: A Little Kindness (over yellow), Nail Pattern Boldness: Alpha Nail (over black), Coco Allure: Like Totally Pink and Nail Pattern Boldness: Un Peu Delicate

Another photo from Martina Karlsson, winner of the 2nd price and three photos from Emma Lysén, winner of the 4th prize!


From the top and left: (Martina´s photo) Smitten Polish: Butter Mint, (Emma´s photos) A England: She Walks In Beauty (nice gradient over green), Darling Diva Polish: Cherubic and Darling Diva Polish: Roller Girl

Elin Nilsson, winner of the 5th prize, also sent some more great swatches and so did Camilla Rotander, who won the 6th prize!



From the top and left: (Elin´s photos) Darling Diva Polish: Pink Champagne, Cirque: Lonesome George, (Camilla´s photos) Chirality: Engineers and Glitter Gal: Not Another Red

Here are some other photos that didn´t win, but were among the best contributions!


From the top and left: From Camilla Lindskoug – Glitter Gal: Lizard Belly, From Caroline Paulsson – A England: Holy Grail, From Cate Cropp – Nostalgic Lacquer: Date at Midnight With Nosferatu, From Jennifer Enzinger – Glitter Gal: Wisteria, From Lisen Hägerström – Northern Star: Galactic Memory (over Orly Witch´s Blue and A England Perceval) and From Paola Magini – Darling Diva Polish: Glacier. 

Great work! Thanks alot to you all!



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